Silhouettes of cranes and construction in a sunset.

Leading the Way:

Advancing Technology Facilities Through Innovation and Partnership

The CREATE consortium is conceived as a collaborative platform, fostering a strategic alliance among key stakeholders in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of advanced technology infrastructure and semiconductor manufacturing facilities. This alliance will consist of facility owners, operations directors, construction experts, technology manufacturers, regulatory authorities, suppliers, vendors and academic professionals, all of whom will play pivotal roles in guiding the consortium’s initiatives.

Hosted by Arizona State University, the CREATE consortium will offer a vehicle for stakeholders to contribute and partake in charting a sustainable trajectory for the semiconductor sector. In this capacity, the consortium will champion projects and develop solutions for general and specific challenges. The consortium will provide best practices for the industry. These solutions will prioritize safety and environmental sustainability, as well as address cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of the industry.

The CREATE consortium will be an opportunity for its members, promoting innovation via rigorous research and training endeavors. Recognizing the importance of expertise in the sector, the consortium will establish training modules and resources, facilitating the transition of individuals from related disciplines into this specialized domain. Serving as a collective voice, the CREATE consortium will advocate for advancements and best practices in semiconductor facility construction, operations, and maintenance.